Elvira and the Bats

ELVIRA AND THE BATS is a dark-punk-synth-wave band from Paris, which was formed by Elvira Potressoff in 2009. The members changed over a seven years period. The line-up has been fixed in 2016 with Paul Hopstokje as bassist, Frost as guitar player and Simon as synth player. Elvira composed most of the songs (drum machines, synths, guitar and bass) and performs as singer on stage. They currently work in studio to record their first album, which will contain new songs composed by all of the members. Their material will be released by the german label Young and Cold Records in 2018.

The band got famous by its different live performances all around Europe (France, Germany, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Italy) and out of Europe as in Russia and Mexico City. They played in different important underground festivals : MiniCave Festival (Germany), Gothic Pogo Festival (Germany), Young and Cold Festival (Germany), Return to the Batcave Festival (Poland), Unpleasant Meeting Festival (France), Tribal Bats Celebration (Russia)

Their music has different influences. Each member has his own universe and played or still plays in other music projects (power electronics, black metal, synth-wave, deathrock, noise). Their songs are energetic and tense, mixing live instruments and synthetic sounds. They have dance-floor synth-wave lines, minimal rhythms, powerful early punk guitars, deep cold post-punk bass and an exceptionally low and frenetic female voice.

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!!! Ticket Sale !!! Young and Cold Festival 7 — 2019

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Freitag – 13. September 2019 – Einlass 20.30h
21.00h > MarrowVoltage (Experimentell from Germany)
22.30h > Leere (Postindustrial from Germany)
23.30h > Minuit Machine (Synthwave from Paris)
Ab ca. 030h > DJ Set with Y&C Team and Friends

Samstag – 14. September 2019 – Einlass 17.30h
18.00h > Das Funus (Dark Wave from Prague)
19.15h > ISOTROPíA (PostPunk from Mexico City & Georgien)
20.30h > Stahlnetz (Synthpop from Germany)
22.00h > Stockhaussen (Synthwave from Mexico City)
23.30h > ACTORS (PostPunk from Vancouver)

Ab ca. 030h > DJ Set with Y&C Team and Friends

Flyerdesign by Micha G. Wald
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Artwork by Cécile Fayolle ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you very much London, it was a blast !

Many thanks to Nick and Consuelo for their hospitality and their kindness!
We also thank the Creeping Terrors and the audience of the Aces and Eights who offered us a very positive feedback !

Cheers <3
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