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Daria Leeres new album Fragmented Identity

We welcome Daria Leere (Ex-Monowelt) with her new album Fragmented Identity to our label.

Fragmented Identity is cold, straightforward, yet emotional and multi-layered. The Coldwave influence from past days remains as noticeable as the beginnings of EBM and the lyrical borrowings of the golden Kassettentäter era of NDW. Fragmented Identity blossoms and begins to breathe by cleverly placed field recordings, that is recordings of the natural environment. On “Baustelle” a sledgehammer pounds against concrete, iron rods clang, construction workers scream…

The Russian-born artist set most of the tracks on Fragmented Identity to music by herself in her Berlin home studio, while producer Kieron Will was also involved in the final product. Producer of the Label Daniel Hallhuber helped with the fine-tuning of some tracks. The use of analog devices from the 70s and 80s, which not everyone can call his own, led to a result that fits well with the performers vision. For this purpose, the musician went to the Young and Cold Records Studio in Augsburg. Daria’s innovative approach and her unmistakable voice in Fragmented Identity, which she knows how to utilize in Russian, German and English, will certainly enchant many more listeners.

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