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Plastikstrom – “Beton gegen Angst“ – Album Preview

On the weekend Matthias Günzler and Jürgen Schips from Plastikstrom came to the Y&C recording studio to record their first album. The roots of the project go back to the 90’s, Günzler and Schips then performed in the gothic rock band Darc Entries, on which they mainly concentrated. At times Plastikstrom was even paused, but since the early 2000s the project has picked up speed again.

Now Plastikstrom record new songs together with label producer Daniel Hallhuber while also reworking older recordings. The working atmosphere is not only familiar, but you also notice the passion with which all parties work together.

“Beton gegen Angst” is the title of the new release. A title that evokes associations with grey buildings, a mood of the end of time, decay and anxiety, but also current political world events. “Beton gegen Angst” or “Concrete against Fear” is borrowed from a documentary about people who began to set up bunkers in the USA in the 1990s. The Cold War had just ended, but the fear of imminent danger was not over for many.

Within this dystopian, apocalyptic theme the songs deal with both social and private topics. It is about life in an asphalted world, the urge for freedom, fear of overcoming. About pain, anger, the loss of culture and the degeneration of humanity. Instead of breaking the concrete, people continue to build it and hide in it.

The album skilfully spins a red thread of old and new songs. Musically, Plastikstrom ranks in several genres. The sound could be described as a mixture of electro, dark wave, punk, EBM with borrowings from Neue Deutsche Todeskunst. This multitude of influences trace Plastiktrom back to the fact that the scene in the 80s was less fragmented and they moved between the groups.

The release of “Beton gegen Angst” is planned for May. For the rest of next year, however, Plastikstrom will have some surprises in store!

Plastikstrom on Y&C Records

English translation: Jan Oswald