ADN` Ckrystall – Minilab LP + 7″


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In the year 1977,a new electronic music formation was born:ADN’ ckrystall.Together with Vangelis and Tim Blake, mastermind erick Moncollin was jamming in the summer that year, playing a prototyp of the legendary Korg ms-20.After studies of music and sound at shol art in Toulouse(France)hestarted in ’78 to play live in smaller clubs and on events,together with a parrallel member of the group GonG, he continued his musical experiments. In 1982, the first vinyl album was released “jazz’mad”(actually cheer with tracks ‘cocaina vitamina-Haschisch-TamTam samba’ In 1984, the famous ‘IN-Edit’7″ep including the underground hit ‘Deutsch Napalm’was released .In ’87 a flexi disc in art’mag was released ‘Museum ep’ end ’85 to ’88 ADN was a real band ( see Kernkrach 7” #16,with 2 tracks from 1985 and “the lost tapes”‘comp on minimal wave for ’86 track under ADN’la catastrophe’name) a very ltd tape follows in ’91 “la couleur du vent” and in 2005 ADN new lp was good welcome

Limited second edition of 108 copies, including lyrics sheets for both 12” and 7” and a DIN A3 poster.

Ckrystall = voice, 2 Kawai Synthesizer-100Fs, Korg KR-33, CRB’1969 Diamond 742, Roland Juno-60, Roland JX-3P, MXR phaser 100, Boss Flanger BF-2 and SDE200 Delay.

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A1 A Flirt In Madrid 3:53
A2 Weissensee Generator 4:39
A3 Free Jazz’ Not Mad, Just Crazy 7:11
A4 The Long Suite Of Your Purple Pussy 8:38
B1 Minilab 3 Etoiles 8:00
B2 Win-Chick 4:17
B3 Only Your Windows 5:27
B4 Kétamina Macht Maschinen “Blau” Spaziergang 6:21
C Gigolo Gigolette 4:35
D Plastique Synthi’Spleen 4:17