Aimless Device – Coats Of Many Colours


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    Belgian, Leuven-based band. Active from 1984-1989. Part of the Leuven new wave scene of the eighties, together with bands like The Neon Judgement, Men 2nd, The Arch and Street Ducks. Together with producer Ludo Camberlin, they combined synthesizers, drum machines and guitars to obtain a minimalist rock sound.

    1 No Friend Of Mine
    2 Till The Rain Falls
    3 Hyena
    4 Heart Of Gold
    5 Waterloo Bound
    6 World Of Coats
    7 Two’s A Crowd
    8 Bad Times Ahead
    9 No Heroes
    10 The Fuck
    11 Heat
    12 Break A Leg
    13 Better Off Cold
    14 Fun
    15 Fat Men’s Bread
    16 Shellshock
    17 Up In The Plane
    18 Cry