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Anum Preto is a Brazilian independent artist. Strictly related to a DIY approach, he records, plays

and produces all of his music alone. In a very prolific way, he has been releasing almost an album

per year since his debut in 2009, titled “Inferno Interno”.

His modern and almost insular approach to Post Punk is balanced by nostalgic harmonies and

dissonant melodies, reminescent to Brazilian and international alternative music, elements on

which Anum Preto’s sound and aesthetics are defined.

1. Cidade de Muros e Segredos 03:20
2. Ponto de Mutação 03:56
3.Pólos Opostos 03:13
4.Consequências 03:55
5.Além do Bem e do Mal 03:48
6.Probovat 03:54
7.Determinismo 03:20
8. Tanto Faz 02:02

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