Atemlos – A Pending Doom


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ATEMLOS – from blue collar Malmö. Where shipyard workers supported the local music scene either by going to a venue or buying the week’s punk single with their hard earned money. As an echo of the harsh and cold city of the time, we are inspired by the monotonous machines, the decay of hopelessness.

Dennis Lood (Abu Nein)
ANGST (Den Sorte Død, ANGST Sessions)

Like a silent memory
Pale and bitter blue
I’m standing in the darkness
Looking for someone like you

1.Damaged 03:45
2.Harm and arm 04:01
3.Things we do 06:16
4.Someone like you 05:03
5.The big black window 04:58
6.Dreaming 04:06
7.We always grieve 04:51
8.Doomed 06:01