Bal Pare – Best of Bal Pare “1982 – 2016”


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After years of intensive research and collaboration with “Dr. Korg Schuster” has succeeded in creating a best-of album together with the professors of applied musicology Mr. Young and Mr. Cold.
Today we present the results after 3 years.
We encourage you to buy our research early.
The first edition is 500 pieces and we have chosen a red color.
If you criticize our research work, please send your complaints in writing to the following address
Palais Amour on the
9th floor
(Shadow land)

1.Palais D’Amour 03:37
2.Eine Nacht im 9.Stocklwerk 03:16
3.Die Idioten 04:19
4.Transistorpop 03:32
5.Kriminalität 04:09
6.Zwei unter Milionen 04:18
7.Überdoses Leben 03:15
8.Zwei Meter Schnee 04:02
9.Bis hier und nicht weiter 03:01
10.Eine Nacht in Palermo 03:31
11.Gleich hinter den Städten 03:56
12.Schattenland 04:05

Remasterd for Vinyl by Daniel Hallhuber @ Young and Cold Studio