Convex Model – Quantity Of Motion


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Convex Model is the new project of Nick K. Maldoror (a.k.a. Nick Kapantzakis, one half of Human Puppets & Dislocation Genders, also member of Plexiglas).
The sound landscapes of Convex Model are created by analogue equipment, instruments and plastic toys of any kind. “Intersecting Planes” is the title of Convex Model’s first self released cassette (December 2017).
The project started with Nick K. Maldoror (synths/voice) and Stawi Rastlos (lyrics/visuals). Later, 3 more members were added, Laura Palmer (synths), Kyriakos Tsakalidis (drums) and George Mayo (bass).


A1 Sightless Open Door 5:54
A2 Distant Call 5:38
A3 Hollow Inside 4:52
A4 Night Visit 5:04

B1 Politics Of Lust 3:40
B2 Strange Machine 4:04
B3 Cracks In The Ceiling 3:52
B4 Illusions Made Of Solid Ice 4:26
B5 Almost A Song 4:56