David Microwave – 1980-83 – LP


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1.I Can’t Say
2.Off Track Bets
3.Permissive Attitudes
4.Echo Night
5.No Way
6.I Don’t Want to Hold You
7.Record Player
8.Young & Ready
9.Today’s Days Away
10.Last Night

Reissue of David Microwave solo material from 1980-83. David Javelosa (aka David Microwave) founder of Los Microwaves with Meg Brazil and Todd Rosa — were a San Francisco trio in which synthesizers predominated. Although they issued 45s as early as 1979, their debut album came out in 1981, by which time leader Javelosa had done a five-song, 12-inch EP on his own, using musicians outside his band.
Javelosa’s solo effort offers straightforward synthesized pop music with swirling keyboards (including familiar-sounding organ), acoustic drums and engaging vocals. The record shows polish, but retains a slightly amateurish sense, making it paradoxically complex and simple at the same time.