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Formed in late 2011 by digital illustrator Nickerson, Stewart joined in early 2012, and since then they produced their Constellations album and launched the Dead Astronauts Project, a global wallpaper gallery of over 20 visual artists.

Minimal and magical, he has that syrupy drone, she has that lilting whisper. As one, it’s a seeping combination, a thumping transfusion. Though geographically separate, together their sound is lo-fi new wave from an alternate universe. This is a pair, heavily influenced by the 80s, whose parts bring each cohesive element to the table at different times; two parts of one, they are a careful gestalt that synthesizes.

Be forewarned that much like the thousand-pointed star that may have been the death of them, Dead Astronauts will pulverize you with light.

1 Low Light
2 Strangers In A Room
3 Forgetting Me
4 Thorns
5 She Haunts Me
6 Lust For You
7 Chauffeur and the Flame
8 Missing Person
9 Pain, I Know
10 These Hands
11 Wilhelm Scream
12 Cage