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Without a doubt, one of the most eagerly expected new albums in the Post-Punk scene!

Ductape literally ‘exploded’ onto the scene with a first self-produced EP in 2020, but especially

with their highly praised debut ‘Labirent’ (SwissDarkNights, February 2021), that received

raving reviews!

Since then, each single release by the gifted Post-Punk/Darkwave duo from Istanbul/Turkey

was a winner! Starting with the two limited EPs ‘Araf’ and ‘Live at Radyo Moydan’ to the in-

credibly strong second album ‘Ruh’ (2022) – first album to be released also on Vinyl.

Since then, there were a few digital only singles and expectations for the third studio album –

both by old and a steadily increasing crowd of new fans – was high and rising!

“A gripping and extreme frequency of instrumentation blends with fierce female vocals (…)

“Disturbing lyrics are taken from the female point of view during the heat of a struggle, yielding

both strength and surrender in a gut-wrenching dialogue of pain.” (whitelight-whiteheat.com).

Ductape are screaming out all things they hate, the contradictions, the inner chaos and the

faced anger when confronting oneself, are shaping the general mood of their music. The duo

is respected and loved for their intense coldwave, orchestrated as sheer post-punk.

“Echo Drama” term typically means a dramatic situation that mirrors a past occurrence, referencing

events within a cycle. The term can be used to observe the echoes of an event over a specific time


DUCTAPE in their own words on their all new album:

“It represents a concentration of our past releases but with a new flavour. It echoes our past. That

new flavour might taste like “dance”, because our new album encapsulates a myriad of emotions –

pain, death, loneliness, the unveiling of inner insight, a recurring nightmare, a sense of entrapment,

losing hope, and the stage of accepting it all. In this world, you can dance above your feelings, and

1.Red Scar 04:21
2.Closer 03:50
3.The Unknown 03:53
4.Evil Me 04:14
5.Veil Of Lies 03:56
6.Anafor 03:49
7.Duvar 03:39
8.Insan Senfonisi 04:21