Elegant Divide ‎– Life On TV LP


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ELEGANT DIVIDE expresses the dichotomy of dark and light in electronic music with songs that explore lyrically the emotions of urban living. With the use of vintage synthesisers (Moog Prodidy / Source, Novation Bass Station, Nord Lead 2, Paia Fatman, Polyfusion Modular, Yamaha DX7) and drum machines (Roland TR-909 / TR-808 / TR-707 / TR-505, Yamaha RX17) their sound is rich and analogue, and Samantha’s cool vocal delivery creates a mood that is simultaneously accessible pop and dark and haunting.



Paranoia 5:18
Excess 4:11
Life On TV 4:36
Ceremony 3:36
Butterfly 4:21
Fantasy 3:45
Famous 4:08
Always A Price To Pay 3:38
Happiness 3:34
Mirror 4:57