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ABOUT THE 2019 ELEVEN POND ALBUM DRIVE ~ past Eleven Pond full albums were named after sculpture genres, this one is not. the ‘Drive’ title comes from a lifelong obsession with vehicles and the freedom and excitement a vehicle brings to you via a sports car, off road truck, vintage scooter, electric skateboard, beach cruiser bike, private jet, etc… but also has to do with the drive or desire to find love in our lives… something much harder to find than people say. – Jeff Gallea individual song descriptions


side A

  1. Drive (Racer Mix) 4:55
  2. Headlock 4:08
  3. Miss Wonderful 7:06
  4. Venus In Shells 4:33

Side b

  1. Black Keys (Cave Mix) 4:06
  2. Dream Within A Dream 3:48
  3. Tangerine 5:59
  4. When She Asks 4:44

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DRIVE – when you’re racing on the highway at night your brain goes into hyperdrive and the only thing that exists are the cars in front of you. What’s behind you doesn’t matter. when your engine is running at max the person sitting next to you becomes the most attractive person in the universe.

HEADLOCK – if someone you deeply love asks you to “walk on hot coals” ( to do something terrible) and then you do it, you are not in control anymore, your mental will power is now victim to the winds of destruction. your heart is in a headlock… until your heart is broken, then the headlock spell ends.

SO FAR AWAY – based on a control voltage analog synth jam between Asa Fox and Jeff Gallea, the long-form song weaves in and out of moods. You’re So Far Away is about the person who is standing by your side physically, but mentally running away from you as fast as they can.

BLACK KEYS – the black key is the person who is out of tune with the rest of the world. two black keys mated are the rarest but most powerful form of dark love. the song was written in 2012 but the original tracks grew wings and flew away so a live version went on the Love+Madness EP. Out of respect to the song a proper studio version was re-recorded.

A DREAM WITH A DREAM – Edgar Allan Poe’s 1849 poem questions the nature of reality and human existence. Perceptions might not be what they seam to be. do we control what we see in the world? or is life nothing but a dream within a divine dream?

MISS WONDERFUL – there are these completely free people in europe + USA who run around the globe and live four or five lives compared to the single life we live. they look good in anything they wear. they can drink all night and run a marathon the next day. if they go to an event, everyone wants to be near them. they have no bad camera angle. they never have to work because money magically appears. these are the blessed few and some of us are obsessed to b graced by their presence.

WHEN SHE ASKS FOR MORE – this was made from a vocal and guitar part recorded to cassette in 1989. the poem is about a sexually insatiable person in Boston. new tracks were added but no matter how the song is mixed the vocals can never really be deciphered. there is no lyric sheet so the words can be what you imagine.

TANGERINE “sung in a voice on the verge of tears, you are given a choice… be lied to then plucked from the fruit tree with the rest of the victims? or stand up for your love and call that person out? if you choose the second option, be prepared to taste sweet drama”

VENUS IN SHELLS – a cover of the Velvet Underground’s Venus In Furs. Venus rises from her sea shell as melodica drips with sadness and falsetto angels cry in the background. the song is about bondage, discipline, dominance & submission. hands down the best cover version of this 1967 classic ever recorded