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EXIT is an almost unknown UK band that evolved from the 70s’ punk scene (when they were also known as THE WHAT) into the 80s’ new wave and synthpop. Between 1982 and 1984 they recorded a lot of demos, fantastic, minimalistic synthpop gems that never saw the light of day. You know that we at DWR love to unearth this kind of stuff and we are very glad to present you a selection of EXIT demos for the first time ever, 40 years after they were recorded!!

We bring you RUSTY OLD THINGS as a limited, hand numbered edition split in two vinyl colours; in 150 copies standard black, housed in a matt finish sleeve with a double sided insert and download code.

1.The bite of winter (2nd demo) 03:25
2.Strange little girl (2nd demo) 03:28
3.No respect (2nd demo) 04:02
4.Funk out (studio demo) 04:56
5.You’re my hero (studio demo, edit) 05:09
6.Chinese eyes (studio demo) 03:17
7.Seventy-seven (studio demo) 03:23
8.Social graces 02:57
9.God is an astronaut 03:45
10.Swinging from the chandelier 02:22
11.The affair 02:40
12.Rusty old thing 02:42