Hante – This Fog That Never Ends

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After her noteworthy bands Phosphor and Minuit Machine, Hélène de Thoury offers, through her first solo project, a cold, synthetic and melancholic music mixing nagging Darkwave and striking electronics.
Her first album “Her Fall And Rise” has been released in December 2014 on the label Stellar Kinematics and immediately won fans of the genre’s heart. Another album “This Fog That Never Ends” and an EP “No Hard Feelings” followed in 2016, produced in her own Parisian studio and label Synth Religion. In two years, she played more than 30 gigs in clubs and festivals around Europe and Canada.
Hélène just released a new album “Between Hope & Danger” in May 2017, another very intimate piece, full of passion and darkness!
« The unknown is terrifying, but you have all it takes to transform the ugliest part of your world in beauty. »
A1Bienvenue En Enfer
A2Hate Vs Love
A3In Cold Water

Featuring – Box von Düe

B1My Destruction
B2Shadow Boxing
B4Independent Particles Of Us
B5This Fog That Never Ends