Hoffen – Proteos: la deconstrucci​ó​n de los hechos


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This album is undoubtedly the first where Hoffen experienced a recording process quite different from the usual. We hope you enjoy this record as much as we enjoyed making it.

The official release of ‘Proteos: la deconstrucción de los hechos’ will take place on Saturday, November 5th at the prestigious Foro La Piedad, an iconic venue for live music in Mexico City. The night will be filled with energy and emotions as Hoffen takes the stage and presents their new material.

This album not only showcases Hoffen’s artistic growth, but also addresses deep and current themes that resonate with the audience. Their introspective lyrics and atmospheric sound evoke feelings of melancholy, mystery, and rebellion, creating a unique atmosphere for listeners.

1.I Was a Lie
3.La noche de la tempestad
4.Todavía te quiero
7.Los supervivientes del fin del mundo
8.El frío no trajo consuelo
9.El vicioso
10.I Could Never Stop for Death
11.Si la vida nos apaga
12.Si la vida nos apaga