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IVUR, which is short for “Infraviolet Ultrared”, is an electronic solo project based in the middle of nowhere in the austrian countryside.
The sole member, veteran underground DJ Mr.URNs, who hast kept dancefloors busy for the last 25 years decided to switch sides and release his own music. Having spent some times writing songs and doing collaborations with artists like “Laut Fragen” and “Tilly Electronics”, the pandemic gave him the last nudge to get it all in a release-ready state.
He is blending the genres that he plays as a DJ to create a highly danceable melange of Darkwave, Synthpop and Italo Disco that is rounded by his distinctive vocals.

Ultra Limited edition of 150 Pieces in beautiful (infra)violet.

1.Feel 04:31
2.Strangelight 04:07
3.Eyes 04:05
4.Morning 05:31