Kill Shelter and Antipole – Asylum

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Vinyl, CD

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Kill Shelter is Edinburgh based multi-instrumentalist, producer and remixer Pete Burns. His work blends elements of Post-Punk, Darkwave and contemporary Electronica with heavily processed guitars.
Antipole is the moniker of guitarist Karl Morten Dahl based in Trondheim, Norway. His music is instantly recognizable by guitar-driven, evocative and hypnotic post-punk/wave mixed with synthesizers and drum machines. Antipole has released albums with Paris Alexander+Eirene (Brighton, UK) and Kill Shelter (Edinbourgh, UK).


A1 Time Will Come 3:25
A2 In This Place4:27
A3 Queen Of Hearts4:30
A4 Buried Deep5:40
A5 The Room 2:08
B1 The Necklace5:00
B2 Feed The Fire5:03
B3 Cover Me4:23
B4 All Of This 5:28
B5 A Shadow Of Doubt 1:56