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KOMA KOMA came together in England around 2010. The project of several international musicians recorded some tracks, which remained unreleased. A few years later, the song “Treasures” appeared on a compilation by Geheimnis Records, after which it became quiet again…until 2023, YOUNG & COLD RECORDS worked with the band to put together an album of the existing material, which is now available on LP for the ears of the Darkwave world. And it would have been a shame to permanently withhold the nine tracks from the music world, because here there is flawless Darkwave sound with goth rock echoes, a lot of 80s atmosphere and a dash of 90s Club danceability.

The self-titled album offers Wave sounds like in “New Choices” with Clan Of Xymox reminiscences (which also shine through in “Eastern Eyes”), shrieking Batcave guitars in “Watching The World” and dark The Cure moods in their „Faith”-period in “Frozen Moments”…and those are just the first three songs on the album.

“Dark Water Lung” is a dark, seething sound monster between early Pink Turns Blue and the unfortunately largely forgotten Swans Of Avon, which continues with “Another Friend”. In “Seventh Sense” you can also hear a bit of US-Deathrock. And so on, the following tracks offer beautiful Darkwave, each with different focuses, but always committed to the classic dark sound, without any disturbing metal or electro influences.

In the first half of the 90s, KOMA KOMA would definitely have their place in the scene with a gloomy Bass, shrieking Guitars and dark Vocals…there should still be room for that in the scene today.

1.New Choices 04:00
2. Watching The World 03:47
3. Frozen Moments 04:19
4. Dark Water Lung 04:05 video
5. Another Friend 03:26
6.Seventh Sense 04:30
7. Land 04:44
8. In Plain Sight 03:44
9. Eastern Eyes 06:42