Kurs Valüt – Veselo


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Vinyl, CD

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Kurs Valüt is an electronic duo formed in 2017 by Eugene Gordeev in Dnipro to popularize the Minimal Electro, Electro Wave in the Ukraine.The language of the lyrics is Ukrainian. The primary genre is EBM with the addition of Electro, Synth-Pop, and Italo Disco structures.This mixture later became known as a Dnipropop.

The debut album of Kurs Valüt project. They are the only representatives of the dnipropop genre, which may sound similar with EBM/synth-pop/electro.
This album contains re-recorded and re-arranged versions of tracks, which were previously published as demo-versions. Now these songs are available in digital and on cassettes.
Spiritual aerobics, industrial mysticism.

Nomer 3:04
Pozyka 3:38
Ne Tvij 3:48
Vikno 4:57
Ni 3:22
4533 4:51
Love Inspektor 5:55
Nemaje Sliv 3:33
Shkala 3:33
Intercity 3:08
Transgender 4:45
IT Sphere 4:51
Ikla 4:26
Veselo 5:10