Lab Personnel – Recreation – LP


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Lab Personnel is a very intriguing collaboration between a number of producers hailing from Croatia. Members include Zarkoff (member of Sumerian Fleet), Neon Lies, ikonal many more (total eight members). The tracks were recorded during Synth Lab 4 improvisational sessions in Pisak in 2017. The album is a dense and stormy affair overall with mesmerizing and dark synths. The styles presented drift between genres including acid techno, electro, EBM, and other hybrids. All instrumental, the LP is a brooding journey into diverse techno soundscapes with eight strong tracks that will not disappoint.


A1Ikonal, Zarkoff, LCN*6_35:40
A2Luka Kurjan, FM (11), Zarkoff, Ikonal2_35:36
A3Luka Kurjan, FM (11), Zarkoff, Ikonal, Paško Gaćina1_14:35
A4Ikonal, Zarkoff, LCN*6_25:05
B1Neon Lies, Paško Gaćina, Zarkoff4_24:51
B2Ikonal, Zarkoff, LCN*6_14:53
B3Zarkoff, LCN*, Biro (7)7_15:08
B4Zarkoff, Biro (7)7_55:06