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The album “Pharmakos” is the band’s third long-play record. The album based on an ancient Greek religious ritual where people (a slave, a crippled or criminal) expelled from the community at times of disaster to purify the community and how this ritual still exists among modern societies. Of course, it manifests differently than years ago. The album deals with emotions like shame and guilt, and how they are like tools of atrocity in conversations and social interactions, even though we don´t even recognise it.

The man on the cover of the album is Varlam Shalamov who expelled to Siberia during the Soviet era and wrote a diary about his experiences. He was so-called modern time “Pharmakos”. That´s the reason why he is looking through your eyes on the cover of the album.

1.Demens 03:08
2. Cosmic Sweat 03:15
3.The Shape Of Men 04:46
4.Horror, Guilt, Shame 04:11
5.The Mind Body 01:58
6.The Painful Pursuit Of Beauty 02:58
7.In Position Like This 05:40
8.Chained To His Chair By The Weight Of Years 04:03