Martin Dupont – The Complete Collection 1980-1988


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French New Wave and Cold Wave band from Marseille. Formed in the early eighties, disbanded in 1988.


Just Because…
A1Just Because
A2Sticks In My Brain
A3Under Nylon
A4Take A Look
A5Soft Images
A6Brittle Hero
B1Dirty Hands
B2Willy Nilly
B3Lovely Monster
B4Welcome To The Dissidents
B5Pure Delight
B7Bent At The Window
Sleep Is A Luxury
C1You Are My Jail
C2It’s So
C3I Met The Beast
C4Hidden Inside
C5Andrei Roublev
C6Doron Doron
D2Not Waiting
D3Broken Memory
D4The Light Goes Through My Mouth
D5Love On My Side
Inedits 1981-1983
E1Just Because
E2No Hands
E4Never Never
E5I Love The Lovers
E6Other Souvenir
E7Unchanged (Version)
F1Not Such A Joke
F2Without Face
F3Mein Liebe
F4Shake Your Flowers
F5Makes Me Blind
F6It’s No Use
Hot Paradox
G1Full Moons and Mouths
G2Hot Paradox
G3My Analyst “Assez”
G5Berlin Wall
H1He Saw The Light
H2Inside Out
H3I Never Tried
H4Where To Find It
H5Like A Lion
Accident Of Stars
I2No Crying
I3He Calls The Sky Hector
I4Bit Of Smile
I5Lonely In His Farm
I6Your Passion
L3Top Of The Pyramids
L4Lost And Late
L5War Game
L6Accident Of Stars