Matiajka – Desolated Statues In Feumia


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A1 Floon Shmocks 2:41
A2 Beyond The Seven Seals (Salem In A Decay) 3:14
A3 Lamposts 3:13
A4 Off You Go (Jump Off The Top Of The Roof And Die I’m Sick Of Your Complaining) 4:24
A5 I’m Sorry My Telephone Is Down (I’ll Charge It Again And Text You Back) 2:24
B1 Near Reveira (Betrayal) 1:01
B2 I Love Life (I Hate Life) 3:51
B3 Family Com (Back To The Beloved Let The Pedigree Continue) 3:33
B4 She Hates Herself 4:22
B5 Retracted In Feumia (One For Jehova’s Martyrs)