New Haunts – Worlds Left Behind

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New Haunts is a vocal/electronic solo project based in Bristol, UK which contrasts the jarring with the serene. Combining elements of post-punk, early industrial, goth and synthpop with soft ambient synths, arresting yet melodic vocals, discordance and mechanical beats, the result is a hypnotic rush of darkwave summoned against a hard-hitting and eclectic rhythmic backdrop.

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“What we have over these nine tracks is quite special. Styles crash together, jarring sometimes, tender and beautiful the next. All underpinned by some haunting vocals. Alice’s love of minimal synth, synthpop and industrial music shines through on this album. It’s a unique album to the UK scene; I can’t think of anyone else doing this style of music at the moment. Worlds Left Behind isn’t an easy listen -- it took a few spins for it to truly hit home, but all the best albums usually do. It contains everything I like in electronic music -- originality and a freedom to mix the harsh with the gentle. The vocals are the same -- icy cold, and and the addition of some wonderful howls and screams all fit the changing landscape of the album. There’s a wonderful feeling of freedom here, of somebody doing exactly what they want with no interference.” -- Matt Faulkner, Kodak Ghosts Run Amok zine (IG: @matthewfaulkner93)


3Left Me Cold04:01
5New Haunts03:23
7Same Medicine03:23
8Safe Out Here02:39

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