Nine Circles – The Early Days


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Nine Circles is a Dutch minimal electronic band, founded 1980 in Amsterdam. The first releases were in 1982.

A1 Miss Love (First Version)
A2 Here Come I, Here Is Me (First Version)
A3 Hospitals
A4 One Moment It Will Last
A5 North South East The West
B1 The Rose (First Version)
B2 Mister Nothing
B3 Looking For
B4 Roots Of Life
B5 What’s There Left
C1 Twinkling Stars
C2 Blinded By The Lies
C3 Bullshit
C4 Foolin’
C5 How’s About The Aims In Life
D1 Intro
D2 Miss Love
D3 Here Come I, Here Is Me
D4 The Rose
D5 Something Between You And Me