Paradox Obscur ‎– Ατραπός – Tape


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Paradox Obscur were formed in January 2014 by Toxic Razor & Kriistal Ann in order to step into a more minimal direction than their previous projects and haul a diverse universe consisting of dark hardware synthesizers under a cold drape of spiraling electronics.
Their live shows are characterized by the raw energy and extended passionate female vocals.


Limited edition cassette in clear shell, comes in a clear case & a double-sided printed 2-panel j-card with lyrics.
Includes also two new exclusive bonus tracks available only in the cassette version and a download code.



  1. Ανδρείκελα
  2. Γκροτέσκο
  3. Συντριβή
  4. Obsessions
  5. Limits

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Größe 10 x 8 x 2 cm