Paura Diamante – Tango


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1. Children of Europe 02:55
2. Berlin 05:51
3. Munich White 04:09
4. Shadows (for Victor or Christine) 04:25
5. Stahnsdorf 02:33
6. Sleepwalker 02:23
7. Vampires 05:18
8. Tango 04:54
9. Zu nah am Feuer (feat. DIAF) 05:03
10. Children of Europe (Reprise) 02:44

The ten tracks of the album “Tango” deal with different perspectives on European decadence in the 20s of the 21st century. The political events of the past years – especially the shutdown of Europe from an increasing number of refugees seeking protection, the upheavals in the context of the climate and Corona crises, as well as the developments surrounding the Russian war on Ukraine – form the foil on which the album attempts to pose critical questions. What responsibility do former European colonial powers have in the face of the overall global political situation? How strongly do (socio-)political contexts reach into the lives of each individual person who grew up in a safe and prosperous Europe? How do people in Europe deal with their ethical and moral responsibility? How do they process the fact that they live in a bubble of prosperity while the world around them is falling apart? The helplessness and depression resulting from these political realities, the abysses of the “Children of Europe”, however, “Tango” does not try to judge, but rather to describe from the inside. And in doing so, the record always comes to an ambivalent conclusion: responsibility and escapism, political awareness and consumerism, pain and pleasure, life and death, fear and courage, bliss and depression negotiate their positions of power within the psyche of the individual, gain the upper hand or are suppressed, dance “Tango”.
Nevertheless, “Tango” does not have to be read as a political album, because most of the tracks also work as songs about different facets of life in a metropolis: the lure of nightlife, the highs and lows of excess, queer desire between self-hatred and beauty, the death of loved ones, the realization of physical decay and one’s own mortality, and so on.