Paura Diamante – The Descent


Farbe / Color

Lila / Purple

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With “The Descent”, YOUNG & COLD RECORDS presents the second album from the Berlin-based project PAURA DIAMANTE. Last year’s debut-album “Tango” already offered an extraordinary mix of electronic Darkwave sounds, Soundtrack and Club tracks. “The Descent” offers all of this and a little more.

Things aren’t as dark as the title might suggest. A certain basic melancholy can be found in all the songs, but often combined with melodies that give rise to a rather positive feeling and are characterized by their high level of catchiness.

The album begins with “Tagelied”, which is reminiscent of Filmmusic – and a few Dead Can Dance echoes -, followed by the almost (electro)-ballad-esque “Spiders”, which is perfect for stormy, rainy autumn afternoons. The catchy tune “The Day You Broke My Heart” is deeply rooted in the 80s. Memories of many acts from the 80s come to mind, without being able to name a specific one…back then it would probably have been a small hit.

In “Crawl” it gets a bit darker for a moment, but “Abigail” immediately takes it back into more melodic tunes with pure Wave Pop. The absolute catchy tune and listening tip of the album! “Ghosts” is harder and caters to the Club goers. “War” clearly shows the Soundtrack influences and would not have stood out negatively in the Score of the “Hunger Games”-films. “We Are The Dead” then delivers darker Club-sounds again, with PAURA DIAMANTE receiving support from Timo aka BLEEDINGBLACKWOOD. The album fades out with “The End”, which together with “Tagelied” frames the album and once again creates a dark-wavy, dreamy atmosphere.

The influences on “The Descent” are diverse, from Clan Of Xymox to Dead Can Dance to Mark Lane and more. One could imagine a collaboration between Tobias Bernstrup and Sopor Aeternus And The Ensemble Of Shadows, even if this seems almost impossible at first.

Music and Lyrics by Paura Diamante/Jan Noll
Produced by Romain Frequency
Mixed by Electrosexual
Mastering by Daniel Hallhuber at Young and Cold Studio

Vocals, additional Keyboards and Guitar: Paura Diamante
Keyboards: Romain Frequency
Additional Vocals and Saxophone: Ruby Mai
Electric Guitar on „Spiders“ and „Ghosts“: Magnus von Keil
Additional Vocals on „We Are The Dead“: Bleedingblackwood

Artwork: Ivan Kuleshov
Additional Layout: Doris Belmont/Alexander Heigl

Special Thanks to: Arno, Ingo Spanka, SchwuZ Berlin, Patsy L’Amour laLove, Antina Christ, Madame Le Pustra, Else Edelstahl, Jörg Barfuß, Sharleen Voyage, La Familia, Jesús Rodríguez, Marcel Leidenroth and Daniel Hallhuber of Young & Cold Records