Poison Point – Poisoned Gloves


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Poison Point started as a solo project operated by Timothée Gainet. It features screaming synths hammered by a frantic drum machine, topped by Tim’s echoed vocal to rule over the dance floor fog. The debut album “Motorpsychold” released in 2016 was deeply influenced by post-punk and minimal synth. Later on this year, He was joined by Arnaud Derochefort on keyboards and programming and the sound of the project turned to look even more to electronic music.

1. Voidance 04:59

2.Poisoned Gloves 04:00

3.Fallen Hearts 04:56

4.Every Two Nights 05:00

5.Blank Rearview 04:27

6.Ordinary Madness 05:01

7.Crimson Skyline 04:40

8.The Lost Wind 03:59