Psihokratija – Eight Wanderings of Soul – LP


Aufgrund von Corona, sind die Schallplattenfabriken stillgelegt.
Die Auslieferung der Vorbestellungen verzögert sich.
Momentan wird die Produktion vermutlich Ende Ostern wieder aufgenommen!
Wir bitten um Entschuldigung und bearbeiten die Bestellungen, sowie wir die Ware erhalten haben!
Geplantes Release war der 15.05 / verschoben!

Due to Corona, the record factories are closed. The delivery of pre-orders is delayed. At the moment, production will probably resume at the end of Easter! We apologize and process the orders as soon as we have received the goods! The planned release was May 15th / postponed!

Lieferzeit: Vorbestellung


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A third album was done in the right manner of band PSIHOKRATIJA….Something of me – ….My story and my band is extremely unusuall…we were always too dark for ordinary people and too lofty and incomprehensible to others…but all of us are equally respected…we were able to like or dislike but nothing bad could not say for us and our music…it seems to me ,sometimes – that yhey feared…And we are back stronger,darker and bitterr than ever…but still a sentimental and poetic…It seems to me,that I ran away from the music – but no!…music is back in my life and my life is back in music…Therefore – do not try it!…music is stronger than all…


So Cruel 05:03