Radio Sect – Wired


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“Radio Sect” were formed in March 2019 by Nassos Vlachakis, Nik Panik, Mick Stefanides and Yiannis Voulgaris and on November 9th of that same year, they made their first live appearance as a support band at the Astronauts gig at the “An” club. One month later, they entered the studio and recorded live their first EP “State of Emergency”. It included 6 tracks that paved their mark as a “stage” band. Mixing, mastering and production of the EP was made by band members, Nassos Vlachakis and Yiannis Voulgaris. The EP came out on January 2020, on digital form, and one month later, on tape. In February 28th, 2020 they presented their EP at “Idrima 2.14” live stage. From March 2020 onwards and during the covid-19 lockdowns, they focused on writing new material. In 2022 Yiannis Voulgaris, left the band and in 2023 Babis Antaloudakis came to his place as the main drummer. In September 2023, they finished the recordings of their debut LP, titled, “Wired”.

A1 Wired
A2 Imitation Of Life
A3 Heartbreak City
A4 Factory
B1 Center Of Attention
B2 Set The World On Fire
B3 Degenerator
B4 Mirage