Romantične Boje – Romantične Boje


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Romantične Boje (Romantic Colours) was the first synth-pop band from Niš, a town in Southeastern Serbia (former Yugoslavia). The band was led by Zoran Cvetković Cvele between 1983 and 1986. They received some great reviews from the music critics, their tracks were often played on radio stations and they even made a video for a song, “Tišina” (Silence). Due to their popularity increasing, they felt it was time for a release. However, PGP RTB, the most influential Yugoslav record label of the time, felt that the band did not meet their criteria and never released their album. After their failed release, they broke up. Their influences were The Human League, Kraftwerk, and John Foxx, although most of their sound is original.

A1 Bez Tebe
A2 Ponekad
A3 Vetrovi
A4 Tišina
A5 San Mrtve Ruže
B1 San
B2 Jesenje Magle
B3 Poslednji Tango
B4 On Te Voli