Seven Knives – BO3


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Seven Knives is a contemporary band from St-Petersburg, Russia. Their songs are about the time and that things, which are lost (being last, but not least) in it, when this time is organized by the 7-days week. Sacrosanct melodies are made of 7 notes, whatever major or minor they are, the matter is that, you don’t need them all. Both days and notes are inevitable. 7 knives is like the third seven of your longed for jackpot, when you get your gold, and say out loud to the unavoidable world flowing your “hellooooooooo”

1. Some igra 06:58
2.Peredai to other 03:39
3.Volna 04:35
4.Peresudies 04:26
5.Po highway 04:15
6. BO3 05:38