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    Coldwave/gothic rock band from Genk, Belgium active between 1978 and 1991. The group’s name in Spanish means “twentieth century”. It can both be pronounced as Siglo Iks Iks or as Siglo Veinte.

    Currently two members, Antonio Palermo and Klaas Hoogerwaard, are touring the back catalogue with members from Honeymoon Cowboys under the guise of ‘Siglo XX’

    1 The Art Of War
    2 La Vie Dans La Nuit
    3 Youth Sentiment
    4 Autumn
    5 Answer
    6 After The Dream
    7 Room
    8 Until A Day
    9 An Endless Corridor
    10 Dreams Of Pleasure
    11 Dreams Of Pleasure II
    12 In The Garden
    13 Silent House
    14 Whispers (Live In Beverlo, 28-01-1983)