Sympathy Nervous – Plastic Love


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I was a boy who liked classical music and electronic handicraft.
After that I met up with German Experimental Rock.
It was a beginning of my musical activity.
I recorded Polaroid in 1980 in the living room of a Tokyo apartment house with my brother on vocals.
It was my debut song released by the Japanese label Vanity Records.
In the 90s, I changed my musical form to TECHNO. And now, I am a Theremin maker.”
-Yoshifumi Niinuma


A1Khahi Cloud6:26
A2Anatawa Suguni4:45
A3She Is Lunatic Machine3:07
A4Break In The Sunday5:34
B1Butoubyou No Syounen4:20
B2Quick Starttype3:14
B3Untitled 12:40
B4Plastic Love6:49