Synths Versus Me – Default Mode Network


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1.Doesn’t Matter : Intro 01:13
2.Sei Morto 09:44
3.Control 04:48
4.Paradox In Love 05:06
5.Romance Espacial 2015 (feat. Vanessa Asbert) 04:02
6.Interlude: Dancing In The Void 03:14
7.Default Mode Network 04:44
8.Now Is Here (7:30 Am Mix) 03:34
9.Ibex35 03:27
10.Apnea Central del Sueño 02:59
11.Random Lyrics 04:49
12.Sotto Effetto A. 05:27
13.In Memoriam (El Fin) 03:45
14.Los Niños Celestes 10:01

After almost 6 years of silence since “Akelarre”, Synths Versus Me, the personal musical project of Nico Cabañas, co-founder of Oráculo Records together with his sadly missing partner and wife Vanessa Asbert, presents a new album, this time alongside the young Italian promise NEA (India Nardone) that joins this new era of the project (named SVM + NEA) not only as vocalist but also as co-composer.

“Default Mode Network” consists of 12 new songs, a tribute by India in form of cover of her favourite track from the previous releases of the duo (El Fin del Mundo 2015), plus an unpublished Vanessa Asbert ’s track, also from 2015 (Romance Espacial).
veröffentlicht am 29. November 2023

Words and music by Synths Versus Me + Nea.

Except “Romance Espacial” written by Vanessa Asbert, “In Memoriam (El Fin)” written by Nea and “Doesn’t Matter : Intro” that includes voice samples extracted from David Lynch to Harry Dean Stanton interview.

SVM + NEA especially THX Santi Pius aka Fram3D and Alex Ninu Paiolai for their vocal contributions in “Ibex35” and “Los Niños Celestes”

Mixed and mastered by Nico Cabañas. Mastered for vinyl by Daniel Hallhuber. One-off pressing of 300 copies