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Aleppo: Re-pressing now availableSetting the unspeakable of the Syrian civil war to music: This is done by Frei-burg singer Nogood Luna and producer Björn Peng. After their successful col-laboration on the song „At Night“ on Björn Peng‘s album Dark Rave (Anette Records, 2014), the two got together for their own band project: Totengeläut summarizes what Nogood Luna experienced during their work with syrian war refugees in the turkish border area: Sadness and despair. The title of the album, „Aleppo“, also stands for this.Musically Björn Peng and Nogood Luna follow the sound of current dark wave bands in the seven songs. The cool synthesizer melodies, reduced bass drum beats and the softly fading vocals remind of Lebanon Hanover, Linea Aspera and Boy Harsher.The album was released in late 2018 on Anette Records and Reach Another System. Björn Peng releases the black vinyl reprint, limited to 300 copies, on his own DIY label NAKAM Rec. which is now available through Young & Cold. It includes a lovingly designed booklet and a download code.Nogood Luna has left the project in the meantime. Björn Peng is focusing on his own releases, but is not averse to continuing with a suitable singer at some point.

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Save Me5:08
Love Me5:37