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Sine City releases new Album “The Last Train”

Swedish newcomer Sine City (Ex Art Fact) will release their new EP “The Last Train” on Young & Cold Records

Sine City,  known from the Minimal Wave groups Art Fact (Måns Jonasson) and Blipblop (Pål Roos), are aiming to unite Pop and Darkwave. The vocals of the first track, which provides this EP with its name, are especially reminiscent of Hurts frontman Theo Hutchcraft. The mixing was done by Hélène de Thoury (Hante.) “We are big fans of the atmospheric sounds that Hélène creates on her albums, so we just asked her and she mixed the track for us. It was fantastic and the booming, haunting sound is the perfect introduction to the rest of the EP” Måns reflects.He then asked the frenchwoman if she would like to collaborate on a song, which led to the duet “On Water´s Edge”. “We had written a tragic love song about a couple that went together, hand in hand, to death, to the ocean.” “On Water’s Edge” works so well because Hélène’s warm and Måns rather subtle voice harmonize perfectly. Musically we feel strongly reminded of Hante’s solo works. The EP ends with the six minute ballad “Scared of Living”. It is remarkable how progressive this song is. Starting quietly and emotionally, the Juno 106 driven song develops into an epic, steadily expanding title, which in its culmination translates into a dystopian instrumental. We are thrilled!See Sine City Artist PageEnglish translation: Jan Oswald