Cinemascope – A Crack on the Wall

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Vinyl, CD

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Cinemascope is a New Wave/Darkwave/Cold Wave band from Athens, Greece, and also the brainchild of Leo Skiadas, a well known dark alternative club / radio dj and concert promoter of the Greek underground / dark alternative scene since the early 90’s. And even though Leo Skiadas is a man with an updated music taste listening and promoting a lot of various music styles when it comes to Cinemascope his love for the wave music of the 80’s is what prevails.

1 Ocean 5:28
2 Vicious Circle Game 4:05
3 In Silence 3:22
4 Leaving Is My Way To Breathe 5:21
5 Die In Summer 4:24
6 Fall 4:24
7 Sometimes (On A Place Away From Here) 3:46
8 Let Me Be Angel 6:52