Diamond Dog – Usual Chronicles

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Vinyl, CD

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An obvious reference to Bowie as the starting point for
an sensitive, artistic reflection, tormented and full of
pop culture references. Diamond Dog’s dystopian punk
and poetic vision starts to take shape in 2020 and was
fully formed in 2021. The writing and the performance
of the songs draws its identity from the new wave ori-
gins of the very end of the 70’s. As a result, the band
resonates with rhythmic, dance tracks, propelled in a
vaporous setting with synthetic melodies where the
chorus reigns supreme. The quartet from Dijon, led by
a strong, gutsy lead vocal, expresses itself on stage
through an incandescent atmosphere influenced by the
fury of the Cramps, the romantic melodies of Liszt, the
poetry of Kipling or the cinema of Lynch.

01 Hold My Pride
02 Blue Roses
03 The Honest And The Brave
04 Stage Kitten
05 Dead In Your Pocket
06 Usual Chronicles
07 I Want Pluto To Be A Planet Again
08 Flash Sideway
09 The Reason Why
10 That Shouldn‘t Be Shown