Haunt Me – This Sadness Never Ends

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This album in a nutshell is about love and loss. Life and death. The duality of life, the beauty of it as well as the ugly parts of it. This album is for anyone who has ever experienced any sort of loss. Whether it be the loss of a relationship or a significant other, or the loss of a family member or loved one. Our vocalist/frontman wrote this album while going through one of the darkest and saddest times of his life. Losing multiple people that he loved and cared for almost simultaneously. Life is not easy, loving isn’t easy but I promise there’s hope.

You all mean the world to us and this album is for you. Hope you enjoy it. 🖤🙏🥀

1.Dying In Your Arms 04:03
2.Our Ghost 04:00
3.Nothing Lasts 03:47
4.Clementine 04:55
5.Ravishing 03:17
6.Dancing in the Dark 03:29
7.Into The Black 03:52
8.Destroy Me 03:09
9.This Sadness Never Ends 03:39
10.In your Absence 05:32