INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY – Templum Probus – 30th Anniversary

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This absolute CLASSIC of ethereal wave/modern classical pop from 1993 was released on CD
only. Now, in 2024. Wave Records finally offers this timeless masterpiece in 3 different formats:
CD and Vinyl. Each format contains partly different tracks.

Individual Industry were founded in 1987 by Alex Twin. In 1988, Mauricio Bonito joined the
group and in 1990 Lilian Vaz with her powerful voice completes the group. Between July of
1992 and February of 1993, the band recorded their first album, “Templum Probus” released
in July 1993 on South America’s most legendary indie label ever: Cri du Chat Records – the
first Brazilian alternative / wave-electro label, that found worldwide attention and distribution
(Simbolo, Aghast View, Harry, Vanishing Point, Morgue, Pitch Yarn of Matter…). The album
was released in Europe by Subtronic Records and distributed by SPV (and audioglobe…).

“Templum Probus” was very well reviewed by the critics, both in the main Brazilian News-
papers as in specialized music magazines in South America, Nothern America and in Europe,
including Side-Line (Belgium) and New Life (Germany) – and countless others.
After a few years, the album was considered to be a masterpiece and classic of the Brazilian
alternative scene. “Templum Probus” offers a fine balance of ethereal voices, modern classical
sonorities with electronic punch. Music journalists and fans alike had difficulties to file the
album under a specific genre. The song “Eyes” became a cult classic of electronic music and
was released on 12″ in Europe and UK.
The vinyl edition contains 2 previously unreleased versions of “What I wouldn´t give” (a cover
of Pink Industry´s song) and “Paradise”, both in new radio version.

A1 Apology A2 Tomorrow A3 Viginti Millia A4 Lupus et Agnus A5 What I wouldn´t give (Radio Edit) #
B1 Eyes (Cornea Edit) B2 Zhairrec B3 Rana Rupta eùEt Bos B4 Paradise (Edit Version)