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▶ Listen to KÆLAN MIKLA & BARDI JOHANNSSON – The Phantom Carriage
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A legendary 1921 Swedish silent movie by film pioneer Victor Sjöström,”The Phantom

Carriage” has influenced hundreds of artists over the years. Now, over a century since the

film’s initial release, the uniquely mesmeric Icelandic synth-punk trio Kælan Mikla have

joined forces with compatriot Bardi Johannsson to create a haunting original score for the


The film was screened at the Transylvania International Film Festival 2023, accompanied

by a live performance of the score specially written for the location, to a sold-out church. In

light of the success of this first performance, together Kælan Mikla and Bardi Johannsson

have now released The Phantom Carriage original score on vinyl and will be performing it

live on further occasions.

Together, Bardi Johannsson and Kælan Mikla have created a unique voice, inhabiting a

world of folklore and fairytales, of magic and mysticism. Cinematic layers of synth, ethereal

vocals and programmed drums – these are the elements at the heart of the collaboration’s

sound, pulling the listener ever-deeper into their musical space. Crossing between classical

thriller scoring and darkwave gloomy synths, this is a spellbinding new work.

Kælan Mikla were founded in 2013 as an entry in a poetry competition. After winning the event,

the group were encouraged to continue making music, and soon established themselves as

a solid part of the Reykjavik grassroots scene. In 2015, Kælan Mikla released their song ‘Kalt’,

attracting a host of attention nationally and abroad and were finally signed by label FABRIKA.


A1 Legend of the Graveyard A2 The Grim Reaper A3 David Holm A4 Souls of the Dead

A5 Körkarlen A6 At the Stroke of Midnight A7 Reminiscence A8 Remorse

B1 Leaving you behind B2 Sickness and Turmoil B3 Scent of Decay B4 By Deaths Door

B5 Time is up B6 Her last Wish B7 The Burden of Love and Death B8 The Phantom Carriage