Selofan – Cine Romance

14,00 25,00 

Farbe / Color

Weiß / White, Schwarz / Black

Tonträger / Medium

Vinyl, CD

Lieferzeit: 3 bis 7 Werktage

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Selofan were formed 2012 by Joanna and Dimitris in Athens. Today Selofan is numbered among the protagonists of the dark electronic music scene. Selofan’s sound and style possesses an extraordinary variety, while at the beginning they were stamped as a minimalsynth act, they soon developed their own audiovisual mix, combining different elements of electronic music, singing or storytelling in different languages and presenting themselves in such a theatrical way, that each live performance is emotionally overwhelming. Selofan have their own musical and aesthetical identity,
underlined by their artwork and videos.

A1 Litany Against Fear 3:48
A2 Shadowmen 3:24
A3 The One You Wanted 4:18
A4 Romance 2:57
A5 Lithium 3:46
A6 La Industria Del Sexo 3:32
B1 Σελοφάν 4:37
B2 Μαυσωλείο 3:13
B3 Νεοελληνικό Σκηνικό 4:29
B4 Βραχυκύκλωμα 4:19
B5 Το Υπόγειο 4:5