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After a number of HIGHLY successful EPs and the mini-album ‘Kill your Idols’, here comes the

Official full length debut album by Belgium’s amazing electro act!

When I announced their mini album ‘Kill your Idols’ as ‘The greatest, most massive EBM re-

velation to come out of Belgium since FRONT 242’, some of our customers were ‘complaining’…

but as a fact, the 300 copies we received of the Mini-Album were completely sold out fast!

On their album, ULTRA SUNN shares the following statement: “The album is called ‘US’, like

the initials of ULTRA SUNN. In addition to being a reference to two records that we love, VU

(Velvet Underground) and AM (Arctic Monkeys), it reflects the more personal texts in this album

– the bond between us (Gaelle and Sam) being stronger than ever, a new musician joining us

on tour, and the bond that we have created with our audience / how the concerts are carried

and experienced all together with strength and love. It’s our album, it’s yours, it’s about US.”

The contemporary EBM/Coldwave/New Beat sensation hails from Brussels, Belgium and was

formed in late 2019 by frontman Sam Huge and keyboardist/producer Gaelle Souflet. In 2023,

they were joined on stage by keyboardist and percussionist Alexis Andrigo. The name ULTRA

SUNN stems from Gaelle and Sam’s reflection on aesthetics, light, and the symbolism of the

sun, embodying the couple’s ideals.
In 2020 with the release of their hit “Keep Your Eyes peeled,” the duo gained widespread re-

cognition, performing concerts all around the world, from Brussels to Los Angeles, Las Vegas,

Calgary, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Bogota, Berlin, London, and beyond.
ULTRA SUNN expresses a desire for modernity through its themes, fresh approach to sounds

and collaborations (Kontravoid, Kris Baha, Curses, Sarin), while being the heirs of the famous

Sound Of Belgium and classical EBM.

Their 3 previously released EPs ‘Night is Mine’, ‘Body Electric’ and ‘Kill Your Idols’, all borrow

from their activities in classical arts and fashion shows, their New Beat and EBM inspirations

and their desire to create dancing and luminous hymns about self improvement, gender equality,

and fighting against anxiety. Always with an inclusive, powerful and positive spirit.

Coldwave / EBM duo from Brussels, Belgium

1.Broken Monsters 03:45
2.This Is Not About You 04:16
3.Some Ghost Could Follow
4.You & Me
5.Lost and Found
6.Shake Your Demons 04:24
7.The Truth
8.Fall From Grace
9.The House