URBAN HEAT – The Tower

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Limited first edition of Urban Heat’s 2nd album, on Translucent RED Vinyl & inner sleeve
Genre: New Wave / Post-Punk / Synthpop
Austin/Texas is known as the “music capital of the world” — and Urban Heat is one of its
greatest exports. The band, formed only five years ago as the brainchild of singer/multi-
instrumentalist Jonathan Horstmann, has quickly become known for their fiery live shows
and infectious darkwave anthems that harken back to the ’80s with a modern sensibility.
Powered by the magnetic Horstmann’s melodic baritone vocals and the pummeling rhythm
section of Kevin Naquin and Paxel Foley, Urban Heat have won over fans show by show.

Last year saw the band break through to a larger audience. Appearances at major California
festivals like Cruel World in Pasadena and Darker Waves in Huntington Beach saw Urban
Heat play to their biggest audiences yet, with their set pointed as one of the best of the day.
At home, Urban Heat has long been the talk of SXSW and graced the stage of the Austin
City Limits Festival.
In 2022, Urban Heat’s “Have You ever” went viral on TikTok, YouTube and other channels,
boosting the band from playing Austin clubs to headlining shows across the U.S. On the
strength of “Have You Ever,” the band took home an Austin Music Award for Song of the Year,
and landed on the cover of The Austin Chronicle.

As for what’s to come, Urban Heat is gearing up for the release of their sophomore full-length.
Titled “The Tower”, the album features the band at their absolute peak. Songs like the arena-
ready “Seven Safe Places” and the intricately steady “Take it to Your Grave,” show the band’s
sonic versatility. The latter, which best exemplifies the majority of the record, is about feelings
of unworthiness and fears of self-sabotage. Introspectiveness dots Horstmann’s lyrics, driving
home its power and relatability!