Tiktaalik – Magic Pond

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Vinyl, CD

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Tiktaalik is an estonian/german triphop electronic combo
consisting of vocalist Layn and MoS Renaud. Since foundati
on in summer 2016 Tiktaalik already was booked for over 70
gigs and impresses by Layn’s strong stage show and the dy
namic and wicked live sound As you fall into the sound of
Tiktaalik, you feel located to the depth of Iceland and pass
thin coats of ice and hot geysirs. Especially Layn’s peculiar
mode of expression and the way she plays with her diverse
voice sounds takes you on a journey through the stories she
tells. Tiktaalik fascinates like auroral light in the cold north. A
phenomenon you like to keep. Strong and gentle at once.

01 Queen
02 Incident – (not on Vinyl)
03 Magic Pond
04 Koidikulla
05 Cry
06 Talvetrumm
07 Blue Sunrise
08 The Spiral
09 Queen (acoustic version) – (not on Vinyl)